Identifying the project's scope

Understanding your vision and context, in our opinion, is the most important thing. This is why we collaborate with you to obtain in-depth knowledge into your product idea and the underlying business value. As a result, we will be able to make you a custom offer for the project. If we believe a more in-depth conversation is necessary, we might suggest a discovery workshop or scoping meetings.

Project kickoff

When a project kickoff goes well, the entire project team has analyzed the context, needs, and user expectations and is prepared to begin design and development.

Proof of Concept

Depending on your goals and the projects you choose, we might suggest running a Proof of Concept first to develop the solution's prototype. Design Sprints are one of the methods we employ for this. The project is now prepared to enter the target Design and Development phase.

Design & Development

This stage is when we begin implementing your suggestions. We can assist you with software development, DevOps, QA, UX, and UI design, but it's up to you to choose which services you require.

We use components of Scrum in software development to increase the effectiveness, predictability, and value of our work while also keeping you informed of its status.

Maintenance & Support Development

Following the launch of your product, we offer continuing support and can work with you to advance the project based on your suggestions and user feedback.